A Year In Review

Comfort Zone

Mutual Friend Tactics

Referral Game

True Or False


Call To Action Review

Call To Action

'Tis The Season

Now What?

Did You Know...?


What To Say When & Product Knowledge

Designing Our

Client Avatar &
Are You Busy?

Let's Get Busy

Offense & What to Say When


The Business of Combined
Part 2

The Business
of Combined

Dan Swanston - Ways To Find Clients & Network Part 2

10 Appointment Debrief
& Mike Greco

Dan Swanston - Ways To Find Clients & Network


Our Strategy - Part 2

Our Strategy

Where Are Our Discounts

Let's Get This Part 2

Let's Get This

Calgary Grand Opening

Claims Corner

The Secret Of The Super Successful

Welcome To The 2020 Gold Rush

Say Whaaat?!

Getting Into Flow

The Phrase That Pays

Perfecting Skillset


Hold On ... Wait a Minute!

Let's Review

Success Setup

Let's Emerge

Our Business

Adding Skills

Every Obstacle Is An Opportunity

Lets Change An Industry

We Are On Track

Where Are We Going

What's The Plan

Sphere of Influence

Get Connected

Let's Get Busy

The World Of Adding Value

Can You Hack It?

Theresa Voltner - HES & OES

Playing To The Ego


Debrief & Adding MORE Value

Movement Is Life

Highlights of IEA, OEA & ADE

Value, Value & More Value

Being Genuinely Interested

The Art of Adding Value 2.0

The Art Of Adding Value

Sizzle Off

Critical Illness Protector

Critical Mass

CI & Cancer Care

House Off

Exciting Times

Outside Sales

Promoter Talk Debrief


Thank You Program - Part One

Get Them To The Zoom, Get Them To The Hotline

Get Them To The Zoom, Get Them To The Zoom, Get Them To The Hotline

Are We Hungry?

Attitude & Activity


Mike Greco

We Have The Solution

The 1%

Let's Get Strategic & Janelle's Extended Highlight

Let's Make This Perfectly Clear

Clarity Is Key

Maximizing Your Conversations To Book Appointments

What We Have Here & Ginny's Extended Highlight

Mike Greco - Capitalizing on the Programs

Financial Statement & Attitude is Everything

Claims Cornered

Raising The Standard


Joycelynn - Chain of Communication & Mark - Create Your Own Economy

Conversations to
Book Appointments

The 4 Accounts

Dan Swanston - Tracking Your Clients

Where Do We Go From Here?

Dentist vs D6 Agent

2020 Vision Part 2