2020 Vision

New Year, New Standard

Mike Greco - Starting Your Own Business

'Tis The Season! It's GO Time!

Art Greco

Janelle - Servicing Existing Clients & The Financial House

Flow of Business

Joycelynn - Replacement Checklist & Theresa - Financial House

Corporate Visit & Financial House

Most Things are Caught Not Taught

Mike Greco - Referrals

We Are in Show Business

Gene Van Dieman & Mike Greco\

Would You Go See It?

Joycelynn - Weekly Checklist & Mark - Do You Believe You Can Move Mountains?

Momentum & Family Plan Sizzle

This Is Our Shot!

Mike Greco - PDP1 Part Two

Mike Greco - PDP1 Part One

Dan & Janelle - Cancer Care & CI

Joycelynn Lam - Good News, Updates & Transitions

The Code of Honor & Referrals

Why Families

The Possibilities Are Endless

The 4 P's to Sell Anything Anytime

The 5 W'S & How

Before & After Part 2

Before & After Part 1

Jos Willard - "The 5 Things"

Everything Needs a Destination or a Goal

Our Claim to Fame

Paige & Dan - From Sizzle to Sit Down

Joycelynn Lam - How to Protect Yourself & Your Clients

ENTHUUUUUUSIASM Makes the Difference!

Dan & Theresa - We Got This!

Ready, Set, GO!

Theresa Voltner - Go for "No" ... Get the "Yes"!

Theresa Voltner - Nuggets from Harvey

Mike Greco - OEA, OES & ADE

Mike Greco - IEA & IES

Randy Spencer - 5 Principles to Unlocking your Potential

Easy to do ... Easier not to ...

Networking with Ginny & Paige!

Tips from Janelle on Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business

Joycelynn Lam - My Reports Training

Paige & Dan - How to Find Clients, Build a Network & Get Referrals

Paige Guy - Transitioning from HEA to IEA & Goal Setting with Mark

How to Build a Business Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Economy!

Paige Guy - Presentation Flow

Theresa Voltner - Getting to the Heart of It & D6 Code of Honour

Dr. Mikolaj Raszek - Cancer Care and Genetics

Dan Swanston - Buying Signals

Anne-Marie Chantal - Cold Prospecting & Target Marketing

Mike Greco - Our Unique Positioning in the Market

Mike Greco - Understanding Our Opportunity

Mastering the Sales Process

How to Make Friends & Build a Network as a Promoter

Joycelynn Lam - Quality Business

Be a Promoter

Promoter vs Sales

Mike Greco - Working the Numbers

Mike Greco - Getting Referrals

Claims Corner & Scripting

Filling the Funnel & Setting Appointments

Claims Corner & Corporate Highlights

Dan Swanston - The Art of Being Concise

Anne-Marie - Claims Stories in the 4 Step Process

Mary - Claim Story & Paige - Getting Into Flow

Aaron Mihaljevich - Cancer Care Plus

Super Busy & Your Favorite Cousin!

Anne-Marie - Tracking for Taxes

Jamie Phillips - Replacement Process

Claims Corner & Wealth Management

CE Credits & Mike Greco - Agent Bonus

Aaron Mihaljevich - Critical Illness

Reviewing Existing Clients & Claims Corner

Our Claim to Fame ... We Pay Claims! (Part 2)

Our Claim to Fame ... We Pay Claims! (Part 1)

Anne-Marie Chantal - How to Become a Top Sales Agent

Mike Greco - PDP 2 Part 3

Mike Greco - PDP 2 Part 2

Mike Greco - PDP 2 Part 1

Dayna Alkok - Follow up & Referrals

Anne-Marie - Emphasis, Hesitation, Modulation & Dan - Close & Stay Closed

Paige Guy - A Track To Run On (4 Step Process/FORM IQ/Wishlist)

Treat This Like A Business

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 4

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 3

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 2

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 1

Professional Development Part 2

Professional Development Part 1

Zac Vanalstyne, Janelle Anderson & Randy Spencer - What Can (and will) Happen & How to Power Through