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Promoter Talk 2.0

Let's Get Out There

Let's Get Strategic

This Is Why We're Here - Part 2


This Is Why We're Here

Goal Setting 2021

A Year In Review

Comfort Zone

Mutual Friend Tactics

Referral Game

True Or False


Call To Action Review

Call To Action

'Tis The Season

Now What?

Did You Know...?


What To Say When & Product Knowledge

Designing Our

Client Avatar &
Are You Busy?

Let's Get Busy

Offense & What to Say When


The Business of Combined
Part 2

The Business
of Combined

Dan Swanston - Ways To Find Clients & Network Part 2

10 Appointment Debrief
& Mike Greco

Dan Swanston - Ways To Find Clients & Network

Dan Swanston - Ways To Find Clients & Network


Our Strategy - Part 2

Our Strategy

Where Are Our Discounts

Let's Get This Part 2

Let's Get This

Calgary Grand Opening

Claims Corner

The Secret Of The Super Successful

Welcome To The 2020 Gold Rush

Say Whaaat?!

Getting Into Flow

The Phrase That Pays

Perfecting Skillset


Hold On ... Wait a Minute!

Let's Review

Success Setup

Let's Emerge

Our Business

Adding Skills

Every Obstacle Is An Opportunity

Lets Change An Industry

We Are On Track

Where Are We Going

What's The Plan

Sphere of Influence

Get Connected

Let's Get Busy

The World Of Adding Value

Can You Hack It?

Theresa Voltner - HES & OES

Playing To The Ego


Debrief & Adding MORE Value

Movement Is Life

Highlights of IEA, OEA & ADE

Value, Value & More Value

Being Genuinely Interested

The Art of Adding Value 2.0

The Art Of Adding Value

Sizzle Off

Critical Illness Protector

Critical Mass

CI & Cancer Care

House Off

Exciting Times

Outside Sales

Promoter Talk Debrief


Thank You Program - Part One

Get Them To The Zoom, Get Them To The Hotline

Get Them To The Zoom, Get Them To The Zoom, Get Them To The Hotline

Are We Hungry?

Attitude & Activity


Mike Greco

We Have The Solution

The 1%

Let's Get Strategic & Janelle's Extended Highlight

Let's Make This Perfectly Clear

Clarity Is Key

Maximizing Your Conversations To Book Appointments

What We Have Here & Ginny's Extended Highlight

Mike Greco - Capitalizing on the Programs

Financial Statement & Attitude is Everything

Claims Cornered

Raising The Standard


Joycelynn - Chain of Communication & Mark - Create Your Own Economy

Conversations to
Book Appointments

The 4 Accounts

Dan Swanston - Tracking Your Clients

Where Do We Go From Here?

Dentist vs D6 Agent

2020 Vision Part 2

2020 Vision

New Year, New Standard

Mike Greco - Starting Your Own Business

'Tis The Season! It's GO Time!

Art Greco

Janelle - Servicing Existing Clients & The Financial House

Flow of Business

Joycelynn - Replacement Checklist & Theresa - Financial House

Corporate Visit & Financial House

Most Things are Caught Not Taught

Mike Greco - Referrals

We Are in Show Business

Gene Van Dieman & Mike Greco

Would You Go See It?

Joycelynn - Weekly Checklist & Mark - Do You Believe You Can Move Mountains?

Momentum & Family Plan Sizzle

This Is Our Shot!

Mike Greco - PDP1 Part Two

Mike Greco - PDP1 Part One

Dan & Janelle - Cancer Care & CI

Joycelynn Lam - Good News, Updates & Transitions

The Code of Honor & Referrals

Why Families

The Possibilities Are Endless

The 4 P's to Sell Anything Anytime

The 5 W'S & How

Before & After Part 2

Before & After Part 1

Jos Willard - "The 5 Things"

Everything Needs a Destination or a Goal

Our Claim to Fame

Paige & Dan - From Sizzle to Sit Down

Joycelynn Lam - How to Protect Yourself & Your Clients

ENTHUUUUUUSIASM Makes the Difference!

Dan & Theresa - We Got This!

Ready, Set, GO!

Theresa Voltner - Go for "No" ... Get the "Yes"!

Theresa Voltner - Nuggets from Harvey

Mike Greco - OEA, OES & ADE

Mike Greco - IEA & IES

Randy Spencer - 5 Principles to Unlocking your Potential

Easy to do ... Easier not to ...

Networking with Ginny & Paige!

Tips from Janelle on Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business

Joycelynn Lam - My Reports Training

Paige & Dan - How to Find Clients, Build a Network & Get Referrals

Paige Guy - Transitioning from HEA to IEA & Goal Setting with Mark

How to Build a Business Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Economy!

Paige Guy - Presentation Flow

Theresa Voltner - Getting to the Heart of It & D6 Code of Honour

Dr. Mikolaj Raszek - Cancer Care and Genetics

Dan Swanston - Buying Signals

Anne-Marie Chantal - Cold Prospecting & Target Marketing

Mike Greco - Our Unique Positioning in the Market

Mike Greco - Understanding Our Opportunity

Mastering the Sales Process

How to Make Friends & Build a Network as a Promoter

Joycelynn Lam - Quality Business

Be a Promoter

Promoter vs Sales

Mike Greco - Working the Numbers

Mike Greco - Getting Referrals

Claims Corner & Scripting

Filling the Funnel & Setting Appointments

Claims Corner & Corporate Highlights

Dan Swanston - The Art of Being Concise

Anne-Marie - Claims Stories in the 4 Step Process

Mary - Claim Story & Paige - Getting Into Flow

Aaron Mihaljevich - Cancer Care Plus

Super Busy & Your Favorite Cousin!

Anne-Marie - Tracking for Taxes

Jamie Phillips - Replacement Process

Claims Corner & Wealth Management

CE Credits & Mike Greco - Agent Bonus

Aaron Mihaljevich - Critical Illness

Reviewing Existing Clients & Claims Corner

Our Claim to Fame ... We Pay Claims! (Part 2)

Our Claim to Fame ... We Pay Claims! (Part 1)

Anne-Marie Chantal - How to Become a Top Sales Agent

Mike Greco - PDP 2 Part 3

Mike Greco - PDP 2 Part 2

Mike Greco - PDP 2 Part 1

Dayna Alkok - Follow up & Referrals

Anne-Marie - Emphasis, Hesitation, Modulation & Dan - Close & Stay Closed

Paige Guy - A Track To Run On (4 Step Process/FORM IQ/Wishlist)

Treat This Like A Business

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 4

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 3

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 2

Mike Greco - PDP 1 Part 1

Professional Development Part 2

Professional Development Part 1

Zac Vanalstyne, Janelle Anderson & Randy Spencer - What Can (and will) Happen & How to Power Through

Goal Setting

"What's Your Plan?"

Theresa Voltner & Anne-Marie Chantal - Invisible to Emergence

How to Make Friends & Build a Network

Mike Grecco - Servicing Existing Clients

Dan Swanston & Paige Guy - Invisible to Emergence

Anne-Marie Chantal - 29 Sources to Get Leads

Invisible to Power

Special Guest: Mark Marcynuk - Communicate for Success

Mike Greco - Warm Market & Referrals

Getting off to a Fast Start


Building a D6 Franchise

Practice Drill Repeat

Internal Urgency

Founders Week Kickoff!

"We Got This" (The Perfect Storm)

Mike Greco: Cold Prospecting

5 Point Marketing System

Brent Keilback: Engaging in Activities

Jamie Phillips: Quality Business

Objection Handling

Client Scenario 2

Client Scenario 1

Where are we now?

Jerome Cote: Onboarding & InField

Client Presentation

The "WHY" Formula

The Science Behind the 4 Step Process

FULL Presentation

Highlight of the Week

Seasons of Business

Bonus & Appointment Guidelines

The 4 Step Process: Step 4

Training: 7/30/2018 The Saboteur!

The 4 Step Process: Step 3 (Con't)

The 4 Step Process: Step 3 (Con't)

The 4 Step Process: Step 3

The 4 Step Process: Step 2

The 4 Step Process: Step 1

Phone Calls

Ray Young - Building a Strong Business

Referral Talk: WIIFM

Referral Talk

Momentum: Creating & Maintaining it

How to Guarantee a Great Week!

W. Clement Stone Success Part 5

W. Clement Stone Success Part 4

W. Clement Stone Success Part 3

W. Clement Stone Success Part 2

W. Clement Stone Success Part 1

Training: 5/24/2018 Claims

Training: 5/17/2018 Highlights

Training: 5/14/2018 eAgent Takeaways & Highlights

Training: 5/3/2018 Back Office

Training: 4/30/2018 Goal Setting

Training: 4/26/2018 How to Create URGENCY

Training: 4/23/2018 How to Create a Sense of Urgency & Stay Ahead of the Game!

Training: 4/12/2018 How to Control Your Outcome in Sales

Training: 4/9/2018 Code of Honor

Training: 4/5/2018 SUPER SUNDAY!

Derrick Chapman: Back Office & Product Knowledge

Training: 3/19/2018 Referrals & Referral Partnerships

Training: 3/5/2018 Step 4: The Close (mindset)

Training: 2/26/2018 Part of Step 3: Sizzle

Training: 2/12/2018 Vision & Mission

Step 1: WHY

4 Step Process & Decision VS Choice

4 Step Process

Preparing for an Appointment & Sizzle

Income Producing Activities

Activity Focus

Goal Setting & Review


11/27/2017 Getting Started

Training: 11/23/2017 Year One

Systems & Resources

Invisible to Power

What's Your Plan?

Follow up & The Funnel


House & FORM IQ